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When you create the Web site the Domain Name is very Importance,because it is only for you and it means Domain Name Server: a DNS service must translate the name into the corresponding IP address.For Example,the domain name www.example.com might translate to。And you must have One when you Make the Web site and you can select the Domain Name by yourself as www.vientiane-hotel.com(net.info.org.ac,etc).and the Price is 500.000 Kips per year,now if you subcribe now you will get Special Price at 350.000 Kip /year.

  • .com(net,info.org) domain name = 500.000 Kips / year。
  • .la (la for Lao domain name) = 900.000 Kips / year。
  • .co.jp(jp) Japan domain name = 1,200.000 Kips / year。
  • .asia (and other domain name) = 430.000 Kips / year。
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We service our Clients with many kinds of Web Management after we created the Homepage,you can Updates everythings if you want to renewal in you Website,it makes your Homepage alive and movement,you are freely for Active your site at any time when you want。

PHOTO UPDATES 2-1Upload Photo

One of our service is Updates the Photo for your Homepage when you desired to renewal。

  • One Photo = 120.000 Kips / 。
  • Two Photo = 100.000 Kips / 。
  • More than Three photo = 70.000 / Photo。

CONTENTS UPDATES 2-2Upload Contents

The Contents in the Web site is very one Important and we serve our Clients with Contents Upload。

  • Lao Language = 300.000 Kips / hour。
  • English Language = 500.000 Kips / hour。
  • Japanes Language = 700.000 Kips / hour。
  • Other Languages = 430.000 Kips / hour。

OTHER UPDATES 2-3Upload Other else

And in the same time, we serve all of our Clients to make an other Uplaod as Youtube Upload (VIDEO Uplaod),BGM,Renewal,Image Procession,Banner Creative,etc.

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In the case of you want to up grade you Web site we also serve you of maintenace which you want,We charge hourly for service。

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